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C.P. Test Stations

  • STAPERM Street Test Station

    GMC STAPERM™Cathodic Protection Test Stations The STAPERM cathodic protection test station is a non-conductive, high capacity, flush mounted, below ground terminal that is used to conveniently monitor electrical currents and...

  • STAPERM C.P. Test Station

    STAPERM C.P. Test Station

    Test Station Any Standard Color - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Black Standard (5) Terminal  or W/Potential Meter and Switch 

  • STAPERM Probe Coupon Test Station

    STAPERM Probe Coupon Test Station

    The GMC "STAPERM" Probe is a all in one test point utilizing and integrated steel coupon, "REPLACEABLE" permanent reference electrode and special formulated non-organic casing mud for a stable electrode environment. The unique design allows for the...

  • STAPERM Small C.P. Test Station

    Little STAPERM™ Cathodic Protection Test Station The Little Staperm cathodic protection test station is a 2 or 3 lead version of the larger Staperm. Its rugged, maintenance free construction has served pipeline companies...