About Us

About Us:
Electrical Experts in Testing, Installations and Materials.

“Rust Never Sleeps”

GMC Electrical, Inc. was originally founded in 1984 by Gary L. Matlack who at that time had over 17 years experience in the Corrosion Control industry from Cathodic Protection designs, testing, installations, also including development of permanent reference electrodes.  

GMC Electrical when founded in 1984 with extensive research and development offered to the CP industry their “STAPERM” line of reference electrodes, now with over 30 years experience in the research, development and manufacture of reference electrodes is the world leader. 

The “STAPERM” permanent reference electrode is a long-life, highly stable electronic device for measuring the voltage potential of structures to be protected or measured in the surrounding electrolyte. Available through a worldwide distribution network of GMC ELECTRICAL, INC.

“STAPERM” reference electrodes can be used in installations of fresh water, underground, salt water, and saturated saline soil conditions. “STAPERM” provides the means of measuring accurately the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems as the following: 


  • Inside Water Tanks Concrete-Encased Steel
  • Fresh Water Dock Structures and Steel Re-Bar
  • Buried and Submerged Pipelines Offshore Platforms
  • Underground Storage Tanks Offshore Drilling Rigs
  • Waste Treatment Facilities Offshore Pipelines
  • Steel Sheet Pile Bulkheads Ships, Work Boats and Yachts
  • Steel H and Pipe Piles Undersea Habits

“STAPERM” features a unique Chloride Ion Trap that prevents contamination of electrode electrolyte - enhancing the service life (copper-copper sulfate and zinc-zinc sulfate only). 

A specially developed porous ceramic electrode housing tubes and contact plugs that eliminate drying - out problems to insure low contact resistance to earth, providing more reliable readings. 

Our reference electrodes are color coded for ease of cell type determination - eliminating guesswork and errors. Our advanced design allows for ease of installation and a long electrode life. It is perfect for inaccessible locations. 

GMC Electrical, Inc. also is the proud recipient of the NACE International Western Area Outstanding Company of the Year 2000.