Silver- Silver Chloride

  • 	 Silver Silver Chloride AG-6-TH

    Silver Silver Chloride AG-6-TH

    The GMC STAPERM™thru-hull mounting assembly is designed to provide easy installation of special submersible STAPERM™ reference electrodes. Each electrode comes complete with a test lead junction box, electrode sealing system and 3/4" NPT...

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  •  GMC Deltaperm Apache™

    GMC Deltaperm Apache™

    Permanent / portable, highly stable, deep-water silver - silver chloridereference electrode for use in salt water or saline water conditions:offshore platforms  offshore drilling rigs  offshore pipelines seawater...

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  • STAPERM™ Model AG-4-UG

    STAPERM™ Model AG-4-UG

    Size: 2" dia. x 7" long high impact ABS plastic tube. Packaging: Special non-polarizing backfilled in blue cotton bag. Overall size: Approx. 6" dia. x 14" long. Weight: Approx. 15 lbs. Special...

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  • STAPERM™ Model AG-4-UGPC

    STAPERM™ Model AG-4-UGPC

    Size: 1.5" dia. x 6" long, space-age ceramic tube with blue protective caps Lead Wire: 30' OF #14 RHH-RHW cable. Stability: +/- 5 millivolts with 3.0 microamp load. Temperature Range: 32°F to 135°F ( 0°C to 57.2°C)...

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