CP Testing




The type of services we provide at GMC Electrical, Inc. are extremely wide, varied, and available. A brief list of some of our consulting services are as follows:                                                                                          

* Preliminary surveys and soil testing. 

* Design of corrosion mitigation systems/cathodic protection. 

* Design review. 

* Inspection and supervision of construction. 

* Adjusting and balancing of single and multiple cathodic protection systems (existing and new). 

* Annual Checkouts and Inspections. 

* Maintenance of all types of cathodic protection systems regardless of manufacturer or installer, land based, sea based, boats and ships. 

* Gas leak detection surveys (natural gas systems). 

* Sonic leak detection surveys (water and oil pipelines). 

* Underwater inspection surveys, (video and still photography), sea structures, water tanks and pipelines, etc. 

* Close potential and D.O.T. Compliance surveys. 

* Mutual interference testing and mitigation. 

* Preparation of Specifications, Plans, Reports, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, and Engineering Cost Estimates. 

* Electrical short surveys for location of underground contacts to foreign structures. 

* Coatings testing and inspection. 

* Cathodic protection system construction (installation). 

* Internal corrosion mitigation for piping systems by use of inhibitors (industrial and domestic). 

* Corrosion failure testing, analysis and water and soil chemical analysis. 

* Specializing in water tank cathodic protection.