CP Construction




 The type of construction services we provide at GMC Electrical, Inc. are as follows:


* Installation of sacrificial magnesium anode cathodic protection systems.

* Installation of impressed current cathodic protection systems. 

* Repair of existing cathodic protection systems: sacrificial or impressed current (damaged systems, depleted systems and inoperative systems). 

* Installation and repair of D.C. cathodic protection rectifiers. 

* Installation of permanent reference electrode monitoring systems. 

* Provide construction supervision of cathodic protection installations. 

* Provide A/C power installations to rectifiers or other A/C powered equipment. 

* Provide A/C electrical service installations for lighting and power in buildings. 

* Trouble shoot all varieties of electrical power systems. 

* Rebuild and repair defective connections to anodes on existing systems. 

* Rebuild and repair defective permanent/portable reference electrodes. 

* Underwater and surface friction stud welding. Emergency temporary or permanent bulkhead repair. 

* Vacuum hole excavation service standard or emergency. 

* Water tank cathodic protection installation.